manojManoj Kumar Khandelwal (September 2013 – July 2015)
Manoj was one of the product leaders at LASSIB Society responsible for strategizing, marketing and developing Lean Six Sigma International Board. His knowledge and passion for Six Sigma is visible in everything that he does. LASSIB Society is proud to have had Manoj as a part of its team. We wish him all the best for his future journey.


Self-determined, spiritual and wonderful human being !!!

Santhosh Kumar Padam, Director- EPMA

Though I worked very little along with him but he understands the problem in a simple manner and acts accordingly also builds-up his capabilities too to do his best. He played a major role in delivering great value to big customers with his planning, time-line and co-ordination with everyone which impressed all stakeholders.
I wish him all the best for his future and will meet you again definitely at some place, some time in this busy life.

M Manindar Kumar, Head of IT

Manoj is a person who has views on almost everything. He also gives good advices not only related to project work but also related to perception management. He is also a peoples person

Mohnish Thapar, Member- LASSIB Society Mumbai Chapter

“Manoj khandelwal is an outstanding Professional,great human being.The work ethic, intelligence,elegance Manoj brings to work is stellar.”

Mohd Asad Pasha, Associate Consultant | IT Support

He is ‘polite’,‘Energetic’,‘Dedicated’,‘Supportive’,‘Friendly’ person.

A Neelima Kaveri, Social Media | LASSIB Society

Manoj is very dedicated and knowledged person. His way of analyzing things is extraordinary. I don’t like to be active on Social Network but I just want follow Manoj that is the reason I created accounts on few Social network sites.

Prashanth Reddy Are, Associate Consultant | IT- Support

I spent a little time with Manoj and even in the short period he was very friendly to me. He is very respectful and a clear thinker.
I express my hearty wishes for his future endeavours. All the best Manoj !!

Thanigaivel Palani, Associate Consultant

Manoj is a lean thinker ! Wishing you all the best to achieve consciousness to Turiya, as well as to mundane world.

Sreeparna Biswas, Admin & HR

Manoj is someone who looks very unassuming, but when you look deeper, he is a thinker, an achiever, someone spiritual, someone with high potential, and nice at heart. Manoj has owned the delivery of over INR 500 Crores in benefits for our key customers. This speaks volumes of his potential. Our best wishes are always with him in his future endevours.

Pavan Kishore K Subramanya, Executive President

Manoj, is the kind of person who will silently win your heart. Soft spoke, hardworking and extremely focused are some of the few qualities that he possesses. But do not be mislead by his soft demeanor. He is extremely aggressive and straight to the point when it comes to achieving his objectives. He was a valuable part of the team and we hope he is part of the team again someday!

Shilpa Roy Kota, Director

Manoj is a very good example of well rounded and developed person. You can easily see him contributing to either on a philosophical discussion on the effectiveness of our lives, or planning for an organization wide initiative or talk about the next app on social circles. He has a point of view in everything. And that makes him a significant contributor to your team.
Being his direct manager for the past two years, I have seen him grow exponentially, both in fuctional and behavioral skills. And the outcomes are outstanding. He has delivered business benefit of more than $25 million to our clients.
I wish him all the best in his future. May all his dreams come true!

Rana Pratap Singh, Executive Vice President | LASSIB Society