sowmyaV Rama Sowmya (Feb 2013 – Dec 2014)

During her tenure at LASSIB Society, She delivered value to clients by working with integrity and passion. She also supported LASSIB Society to organize several CXO conferences, to create IRR (Industry Research reports) for various field and to publish case studies from the projects.

We at LASSIB Society wish her best of luck in her future endeavours.


“You are the best, when you are just you
Never try to be anyone else but you”

Shilpa Kota, Secretary, LASSIB Society

“Sowmya is an awesome colleague and friend. Her optimism is contagious.”

Bejjam Anjana Devi
Anjana, Intern, LASSIB Society

“Sowmya joined us fresh out of college. Always inquisitive, learning on the fly, taking up challenging tasks, she initiated and completed key advisory services for large organizations such as GVK BIO and HDBFS, among others. Sometimes quiet but vocal when needed, she earned praise from many folks for coaching them, pushing them and guiding them as required. We will always cherish her time at LASSIB Society and wish her all the success into the future.”

Pavan Kota
Pavan Kishore K Subramanya, Executive President, LASSIB Society

“Sowmya right at the start of her career got the opportunity to work with the senior leaders from the industry, she handled it without any pressure and made the most out of it. Her ability to motivate, persuade others and being a team player had resulted in achieving all the milestones on time, and significantly increased the success of all the projects. We would like to thank her for the enthusiasm she added to the team and wish her all the best for her future!”

Ujwal Tripurari, Global Evangelist, LASSIB Society

“Sowmya is always active and energetic round the clock at work place, a quick learner too. The best thing of her is that she always loves to talk and interact with each other to understand things better. Though she joined as a fresher, she built-up the capabilities in her to take up high responsibilities and lead everyone in achieving goals. I wish her all the best to achieve more success in her life journey.”

manindar Kumar
Manindar Kumar, LASSIB Society

“I have always seen Sowmya with a charming smile and plenty of questions. She has lots of questions to ask and she keeps herself at getting the answers, from others or by herself. Sowmya has been a true star performer at our organization and we wish her all the best in her next endeavour.”

Rana Pratap Singh, Executive Vice President, LASSIB Society

“Sowmya is a softspoken, passionate and result oriented person.”

Bhavya Dholakia
Bhavya Dholakia, Evangelist, LASSIB Society

“It’s a pleasure working with Sowmya and everyone would definitely love and enjoy working with her.”

Santhosh Kumar Padam, LASSIB Society

“Whether it is new project or a team meeting she always aims to give her 100% commitment.”

Deepthy Varghese, Intern (Graphic Designer), LASSIB Society

“Friendly, Unreserved, Talkative and Open.”

Raghava Rao
Raghava Rao Aditham, LASSIB Society

“Caring, Daring and Lovely Sowmya. She has always been very supportive and sportive in all the activities we took part. I wish her all the very best for the future endeavour.”

Manoj Kumar
Manoj Kumar, Consultant, LASSIB Society

“Sowmya is a nicest person I’ve ever met, I just joined two months earlier & we became good friends. She cares about everyone in the organization, she is very good at her work & very active. It’s very nice to have colleague like her at office. As she is leaving the organization, we’ll really miss her presence. Congratulations & best wishes for your next professional and personal journey of life Swomya.”

Rahul Satpute
Rahul Satpute, Intern (Graphic Designer), LASSIB Society